Statue of Anonymus, Budapest

One of the most photographed photos in Budapest is the fantasy film like figure of an anonymous writer: the Statue of Anonymous is in front of the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park, Budapest.

Statue of Anonymous, Budapest

Statue of Anonymous, Budapest (photo by Alex E. Proimos)

But who is this unknown writer? The statue of ‘Anonymous’ is a hooded figure, which signifies that all we know is that he was a chronicler of a Hungarian king (King Bela), referred to as ‘Anonymus’ (sic) in century old medieval books and sources.

Historians believe that it was he who recorded the early chapters of the history of the Hungarians (Magyars) in his work called Gesta Hungarorum.

As the name ‘King Bela’ was as popular in Hungary as ‘King Henry’ was in England, there is no way to find out which King Bela actually employed the chronicler.
Many associate the statue of the Anonymous writer with the mysterious hooded figure of Gandalf. Although we may very well assume that the statue did not inspire either Tolkien or Peter Jackson. The statue was made in 1903 by Miklos Ligeti. Although the official statue committee asked the sculptor to pick a typical Hungarian face for his work, Miklos Ligeti went against the committee’s decision and kept the face of the unknown royal chronicler covered, faceless, timeless and unapproachable.

One of the best statues in Budapest, we think, and if you like taking photos of nice statues and sights, the Statue of Anonymous offers a good theme in all seasons.

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